Sunday, 7 February 2010

Still catching our breath

What a night. It seems that creq just does not let down. Thank you to all who made the night a blast.

Like we said earlier, things are brewin. February 27th Oimate, Jabroer and Awkward Pirates will be performing in Victorie. The night itself is officially called Freqing Out but it will certainly be in the spirit of what you've come to know and love, that special thing called creq.

Datum: 27 februari
Plaats: Podium Victorie
Tijd: 10:00-02:30
Entree: gratis, zolang je niet uit Zeeburg, Oss, Apeldoorn of Hasselt komt.
Feest: Freqing Out
Wie: Oimate!
Wie: Jabroer
Wie: Awkward Pirates
Aan: ja.