Thursday, 31 July 2008

Wknd sndtrck

With tonight's genesis around the corner we bring you this weeks weekend soundtrack.
This recently released track at beatport under the Mantra Vibe label has had me bouncing for some days now. Keep an eye out because the upcomming releases feature will feature hijack remixes of Nattyjack, Wongo, Liam Vizzle and Oliver Garcia.
(And also keep checking Jack Union and the Pottymouth label records', not only for their wicked releases so far but Clark Able's releases in 2 weeks).
Blatta & Inesha - Blow up (HiJack Remix). Hijack myspace

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Wish you were there.

I know I am.

After seeing that video I just had to get my hands on those tracks. So far I got 2.
Ghostface Killa - Charlie Brown (yuksek remix)
Feadz - Cool as Feadz

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Ed bangers

I've been waiting for some good releases from the Ed Banger label again for a while now. And I think the waiting will be over september first, the day Sebastian's album will be released on the ed banger label. The album holds 17 classic tracks with added electricity. The genius of it all is that the classic 'sound' of the tracks have been stored but sort of amplified.
Tracklisting :
01. Intro
02. Revl9n - Walking Machines
03. Daft Punk - Human After All
04. Mylo - Paris 400
05. The Rapture - Get Myself Into It
06. Editors - Camera
07. The Rakes - We Dance Together
08. Kelis - Bossy
09. The Kills - Cheap & Cheerful
10. Kavinsky - Testarossa Autodrive
11. Benjamin Theves - Texas
12. Das Pop - Fool For Love
13. Bloc Party - Still Remember
14. Sebastien Tellier - Sexual Sportswear
15. Klaxons - Golden Skans
16. Annie - Happy With You
17. Nadiya - Tous Ces Mots

Here's a little teaser: The Who - Baba O’Riely (SebastiAn Remix)

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Genesis, august 1st @ Paradiso. Guestlist give-away!

As always with Beesmunt Soundsystem and The Walk & Rogerseventytwo

.. and Paradiso is gonna go apeshit. These guys have proven to me numerous times that they can rock a dancefloor . If you like your fidget, your electro, your baltimore this is not a party you can miss.

We are giving out 2 +1 guestlist spots for this wicked evening. All you have to do is send an email to awkwardpirates under 'Genesis-Raffle' and we will send the winners an email next week on wednesday.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

My bad.

Apologies to Zodiac Cartel, Dada Life, Elite Force and Oldschool Reunion.

Yet again we've had to make them wait before we could put up their tracks on the blog. We're feeling your music guys, it's just that with all the levels of management, the paperwork, the shipping and the health and safety restrictions it takes us some time to get your tracks up.

Not only did Elite force send some sweet samples over but they also let us know they've started a blog. Definetly worth checking out, especially after all the goodness he's provided us.
Elite Force - No Turning Back (Mowgli & Solo Mix)
Elite Force - Gasoline Alley (Bearweasel Mix)
Hear more at

Earlier this year Zodiac Cartel was kind enough to send me some tracks for me to listen too. They did stress we weren't to spread it around so we didn't. Some time later the tracks did pop up all around and we decided putting them on our blog after that big hype would have been pointless. I think I can safely say though a lot of people were swept off their feet, at least we were. So here's the next remix they've sent us:
Fine Cut Bodies - Beaver Blink (Zodiac Cartel remix)

Last but certainly not least.The guys from DADA LIFE have yet again put together a sweet month-promo mix. "As usual it is packed with exclusive tunes that you won't find anywhere else."
Audioporno - Choo Choo (Bloody Beetroots Rmx)
Kid Dub - Congo
Maskinen - Segertåget (Dada Life Remix)
RQM - Miss Pacman (Oliver $ Rmx)
Joshua Harvey - Beat Bang
Dada Life - Cash In Drop Out
Greg Cerrone - Bullit (Miles Dyson Remix)
Meat Katie - Cracks
Boy-8bit - The Suspense Is Killing Me (Dada Life Guerilla Fart)
Operator Please - Just A Song About Ping Pong (Kissy Sellout's White Stallion Remix)
Style Of Eye - Girls
Boys Noize - Lava Lava (Dada Life Guerilla Fart)
Luetzenkirchen - Daily Disco (Boys Noize Remix)
Fake Blood - Mars
Tiga - Sunglasses At Night (Yuksek & BrodinskiRemix)


Friday, 18 July 2008

Wiekend Saundtraks

Tommie Sunshine, sometimes referred to as 'Jesus' (although the reason behind that is beyond me), is from what I hear pretty 'big' in the US. Judging from his tracks I wouldn't be at all surprised if his name started showing up on the billboards of European venues aswell.
Also, props to Nic Sarno for making a wicked remix!
Tommie Sunshine - Limit of your mind (Nic Sarno remake)

Jesus behind the wheels of steel.

Thursday, 17 July 2008


Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Grey days

I know things have been slow lately but I promise things are sure to pick up in the upcomming weeks. Anyway: today's a grey day over here, here's something that might brighten it up. Part of the crookers repetoire for good reason.
Outlander - the vamp

Friday, 11 July 2008

wknd sndtrck

This week a track I've been raving about to all my friends for a while now. It's not your average record as you'll find out in a few seconds but who knows, maybe middle-eastern trippy flutes were just bound to pop up in records anyway.

I have to add that the producer of this track can do little wrong in my eyes since all music that's come out of his way so far I've just gone mental for. You'll just have to hear for yourselves:

Go over to his myspace to give 'Feltham' a listen aswell.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

L-Vis1990 bringing it in '08

L-Vis 1990 might not be a name you had heard before but you'll be hearing it more and more in the near future I reckon. Got my hand on 2 of his tracks a couple of days ago and I'm stunned. Garage, bassheavy, electro with a hint of b-more all rolled into one. Definitly a name i'm gonna be keeping an eye out for.
Daft Punk - Music sounds better with you (L-vis1990 hyper bass remix)
L-vis1990 - Change the game

Friday, 4 July 2008

wknd sndtrck

Don't know what this weekend is going to bring but it's going to be hard to top our '05 days off' evening from wednesday. Thanks to Sinden, Surkin and MSTRKRFT who absolutely tore Paradiso & Melkweg up with some wicked sets.

Just the 1 track for this weekend again. A lot of visitors have come here looking for this record and Im sure it won't be long before the official release so keep an eye out at beatport.
Radioclit - Secousse (Crookers Spino remix)

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Watch this man put down some mad drums.

Travis Barker has this hobby.. The man likes to drum and lately he's been doing it WHILE he's listening to other tracks. Just so happens that these tracks go perfect with his drumming.

Kid Cudi - Day 'n night.

Souljah boy - Crank that

The Game - Dope boys