Thursday, 2 September 2010

Been a while

After a long time of not seeing any decent crookers remixes (too easy, too commercial) they've surprised me with this remix. I'm listening to it on a laptop right now but maybe some of you can try it out on some decent speakers and tell me what you think. A lot of potential this one.

Savage Skulls/Douster/Robyn "Mad Gal" Crookers rmx by crookers

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Starting things up

Perhaps it's time to start this beast up again. Right now half of our 2 man dj duo is still in Holland. Playing the festivals with the rest of the Creq-crew and I'm 7000 kilometers away on the other side of the ocean. Make sure you check out Oimate, Jabroer and Sgnt. Tibbs at Mixtream festival in Heerhugowaard. They'll be performing alongside the likes of Vive le fete, Extince and Flinke Namen. For more info check

Through the magic of the internet I've found some more nuggets of gold for you. For instance, check out the awakenings and Welcome to the future sets. Adam Beyer's Awakenings set in particular has been tickling my fancy this summer.

Let's keep in touch

Monday, 3 May 2010

yea i said it

A bit late, I admit but we can't just let an edition of creq go by unnoticed.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for making not only Club Royal @ Victorie but also the Huygens College @ waerdse tempel a blast. Seeing you guys go ape at every evening makes it very worthwhile.

Back to the topic at hand;

Vrijdag 7 mei is het weer tijd voor 'creq!' in de Waerdse Tempel. In de volksmond ook wel het beste feest van de wereld genoemd brengt je dit keer weer een top avond. Om de goede sfeer te bevorderen is er gezorgd voor muziek. Het talentvolle trio Daily Bread maakt electronische rock, en dat nog live ook! Daarna kun je genieten van de dj's Oimate, Jabroer, Jape-O-Lution en The Awkward Pirates. Een vertrouwd collectief die zoals gebruikelijk zorgt voor dansbare deuntjes. Het is zeer waarschijnlijk dat het dak ervan af gaat.

De prijzen blijven hetzelfde:
Daily Bread + Creq Vvk: 8 eu
Deur: 10 eu

Alleen Creq: 5 eu aan de deur

Tickets zijn hier te krijgen

Wat gebeurt er nog méér op 7 mei?
Pjotr Iljitsj Tsjaikovski (Пётр Ильич Чайковский) viert op deze dag zijn verjaardag en we betreuren dat Socrates op deze dag in het voorjaar te overlijden kwam.


Thursday, 25 March 2010

Random headliner

Let us remind you on where we stand at the moment. 17th of april we've got Club Royal with all your beloved creq figure's as well as boemklatsch and nobody beats the drum. Certainly worth while. We will absolutely keep you posted since we might have tickets for sale. More info will follow.

7th of may, a pure, uncut version of Creq at the Waerdse Tempel. Same set up as last time with Melomanics but this time with Daily Bread instead. Tickets are already available.

Look us up for both these events on facebook.


Back to the order of the day. Spring is in the air here, the first festivals are planned, line-ups are popping up and we're all singing quietly to ourselves.
To go along with this feeling I've got another slice of Renaissance man for you. It's such an easy listen.

USA FEB 2010 MIX - Renaissance Man . Download

1. Renaissance Man: Babbadabba – Made To Play
2. Siopis: Pesti Nasty – Ntrop
3. Kasper Bjorke: Alcatraz (ZDS RMX) Edit – CDR
M.In and Franksen: Drum of the beat – Souvenir
5. Cajmere: Percolator – Cajual
6. Crookers: Hold Up Your Hand (Renaissance Man Remix) – CDR
7. M.A.N.D.Y & Bookashade: Donut – Living The Dream
8. Solo: Afreaka (Renaissance Man Remix) – Deadfish
9. Claude VonStroke feat Bootsy Collins: The Greasy Beat(JPhlip Remix) – Dirtybird
10. Round Table Knights: Drop The Dow – Made To Play
11. Oliver $: I Hope – Made To Play
12. Jody Finch: Jack Your Big Booty – Let’s Pet Puppies

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Lighter! Lighter!

Last weekend at Victorie was more than we couldve hoped for. Thank you to Oimate, Jabroer and ALL OF YOU WHO CAME! There's no better feeling then looking up from your cdplayer and seeing a jampacked room filled to the brim with people going ape.

If you, like us, can't go long without your creq-fix we advise you to come see us at Victorie 17th of april in Victorie. This time Awkward Pirates, Oimate and Jabroer will be joining Boemklatsch, Nobody beats the drum and Royal Bastards for an edition of Club Royal. Be on time since we'll be rocking Victorie's grote zaal from 10 to 11:30 followed by Royal Bastards, NBTD and Boemklatsch (in that order).

Datum: 17 April
Plaats: Podium Victorie, Grote zaal
Tijd: 10:00-02:30
Entree: € 12.50
Voorverkoop: € 10.00 (excl service kosten) (ook als je uit Zeeburg, Oss, Apeldoorn of Hasselt komt)
Feest: Club Royal
Wie: Oimate!
Wie: Jabroer
Wie: Awkward Pirates
Wie: Royal Bastards
Wie: Nobody Beats The Drum
Aan: uiteraard, stomme vraag.